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Gif Challenge #2 Rent Style

1. Open your gif folder
2. Use every 3rd gif

Parent’s reaction at your birth:

At least it wasn’t super bad or something.

Your first day home:

Thanks for the party guys!!!

Your first memory:

My parents were not very good parents.

Your first birthday:


Learning how to walk:

I’m a fast learner.

First day at school:

Of course I’d be saying whatever when really I’m shitting my pants.

Learning there is no Santa(I’m still getting over that):

Say it’s not true! Say it isn’t true!!!!!!!

First friend:

I’d be the Mimi to their Mark.

First day of middle school:

If you’ve ever been in middle school, then I don’t really need to comment on this one.

First day of high school:

This might as well have a “My body is ready” caption.

Reaction to scary freshman rumors:


How your best friend sees you:

How you see your best friend:

How your emotions see you (emotions can see?):

Learning to drive:

Meaning, time to get behind the wheel.

Reaction of graduation:

Reaction to getting into the college you wanted:

And by this gif, my boyfriend (Roger Davis everyone) got in to!

When you graduate college:

When you get your dream job:


What you do at your job:

Still not exactly sure what I do…

Getting married:

I love them together, wait, oh that’s me. Then I love me and my boyfriend together.

Reaction to having your first child:


When you retire from your job:

Party time!!!

Reaction to your kids sending you to a nursing home:

Via La Vie Boheme!!!

How you die:

Drugs/Drug withdrawal + no one to support you

How people react at your funeral:

My god. I can’t even read that line without crying, knowing the rest of the line.

You in the afterlife:

Makes sense since I was fuckin’ weird in life.




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