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Gif Challenge #1 Rent Style

I love gif challenges!!! I used to do them on my friend’s tumblr, but since I have my own now I thought I should do one, RENT style. Here it goes.

1.Open gif folder
2. Every 5th gif

First day of school:

What your teacher thinks of you:

Wait. Is this what my teacher’s are thinking or what they think I’m thinking?

What your friends think of you:

First Boyfriend:

First boyfriend is a screaming Maureen that won’t let go of my leg. I’m screwed.

Your first kiss:

Your senior year:

I spent the year straddling my new boyfriend after I dumped the screaming, clingy, scary Maureen.

Graduation Day:

But you know, instead of smack it’ll be a diploma. Right?

Going off to college:

Meeting your room mate:


Your job:

Your fiance:

Your reaction to the proposal:

Again, uhh…

You at your wedding:

Woo! Dancing on the tables! 

Buying your first home:

Party time!

Your reaction to having children:

Your child:


Reaction to your kids going to college:

It’s a memorable moment.

Retiring from your job:

How you and your spouse grow old:



Again ???

People at your funeral:

Well, most the people I know are fuckin’ weird.

You in the afterlife:

What is their left to do but smile and rejoice in memories!

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